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The Intricacies of Parametric Slab-Edge Design

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In this article, we delve into the innovative thinking that underpins the parametric design of balcony cladding on Nakheel's Como Residences project, envisioned by Benjelloun Piper Architects. At Eumada, we have a deep appreciation for the intricate challenges that architects encounter, and our specialized team possesses the expertise and digital tools required to translate ambitious designs into practical architectural solutions.

The distinctive feature of the project lies in the elegant curvature of the balcony edges. A central challenge in this project was achieving a flawlessly smooth surface for the slab edge cladding. To tackle this, we employed a developable surface methodology. Developable surfaces are those that can be flattened into two dimensions without distortion. In the context of this project, these surfaces were created by using lofted curves that were precisely oriented perpendicular to the edge of the slab. This approach not only ensured visual seamlessness but also streamlined the fabrication process. By utilizing developable surfaces, we were able to maintain the integrity of the design while simplifying the manufacturing and assembly, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective construction process. To rationalize the slab's edge, we established tangential connections between adjacent curves of varying curvature. This meticulous technical approach guarantees the aesthetic continuity of the design.

Extensive studies were conducted to seamlessly transition between planter and non-planter conditions, generating a significant twist in the surface. Leveraging our technical expertise, we integrated these elements seamlessly, resulting in a functional and visually cohesive architectural solution.

The paramount advantage of adopting a parametric approach lies in its replicability. Our carefully crafted scripting, referencing the edge of the slab as the main coordination parameter with architectural layouts, ensures that the design can be effortlessly replicated for each floor. This standardized methodology underscores our dedication to technical consistency, granting architects the freedom to explore creative variations while operating within a robust structural framework.

Empowered by our profound understanding of digital tools and technical acumen, at Eumada, we pride ourselves on fostering effective collaboration with architects. We invite architects to explore the boundless possibilities of our technical expertise, confident in our ability to transform their visionary designs into tangible, awe-inspiring realities.

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