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A Multidisciplinary Approach in Balcony Design

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In this article, we will explore the complex coordination aspects behind the balcony design of the Como Residences project, a vision conceived by BPA Architects. At Eumada, we harness our expertise and collaborative endeavors to aid architects in the orchestration of knowledge and skills across diverse disciplines. Our goal is to achieve a seamless fusion of architectural creativity and technical precision. Now, let's delve into the specific areas of specialization that the design team navigated in this project:

Structural Challenges (BG&E): The team tackled the weight of planters and turning moments from glass balustrades in collaboration with structural consultants. Load transfers were meticulously coordinated.

Constructability Management: Buildability considerations were at the forefront. The team paid careful attention to designing connections that accommodated movement and tolerances. An optimized prefabrication sequence minimized on-site work at heights, critical in high-rise construction.

MEP and Lighting Integration (Chapman BDSP, Neolight): The floor build-up was designed to meet energy model U-values and facilitate efficient water runoff. Balcony and planter water drainage integration was precise. A continuous lighting strip along the slab edge was integrated in the cladding.

Landscape and Pool Integration (SWA, Aquashi): Planters along the slab edge, coordinated with landscape consultants, showcased a seamless integration of landscape and architectural vision. The collaboration extended to balcony pool interfaces, ensuring a cohesive design.

Fire and Life Safety Considerations (Design Confidence): Choosing non-combustible materials for edge of slab cladding was pivotal. Non-facade elements such as lighting and greenery underwent scrutiny with the fire consultant to ensure project safety and integrity.

Maintenance Access (Eumada): Incorporating concealed BMU restraints and rounded edges in cladding ensured ease of maintenance and robustness.

Architectural, Interior Design and Acoustics (BPA, Carlisle, Eumada): The primary focus was to integrate all technical requirements within a design solution that respects and maintains the architectural intent. Meticulous detailing at interfaces with soffits, floors, and partitions allowed space for blinds and prevented acoustic flanking. The carefully designed flush base transom ensures a seamless transition between internal and external spaces. Integration of curved glazed balustrades, twisted cladding, and a flush threshold at curtain walls and sliding doors further accentuates the architectural intent, enhancing overall aesthetic coherence.

In this collaborative effort, each field of expertise played a crucial role. Eumada takes pride in supporting architects to ensure a multidisciplinary approach, aligning every element with the architectural concept. The result is a well-coordinated design, turning complexity into a functional architectural project.


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