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Through collaboration we are able to understand our client's unique objectives and match Eumada's engineering talent, technology resources, and essential project management to transform their visions into reality. Below are some examples of how we can assist. We tailor our services for each project and are constantly expanding our offering.

Facade Design

Throughout the design stages, we assist architects and design teams in the development of robust facade contract documentation packages. Our services include:

* Material selection advisory

* Facade system discretisation

* Coordination of environmental/sustainability performance targets

* Thermal analysis and development of compliant systems/details

* Facade access strategies

* Wind load analysis and structural dimensioning

* Facades - Fire safety coordination

* Glass safety assessment

* Coordination of facade acoustic performance targets

* Detail drawings

* Specifications

Facade Construction Support

At tender and construction stages, we assist the design team or the main contractor on the suitability of the tendering firms and we assist the facade contractor to implement a streamlined design, fabrication and installation. Our services include:

* Tender support

* Procurement and supply chain studies

* Value engineering

* Review of shopdrawings, calculations and material submittals

* Witnessing of visual and performance mock-ups

* Factory and site inspections


On complex geometry projects, we assist and streamline the design process through our digital tools from the early design stages to fabrication and installation. Our services include:

* Form finding and geometry generation

* Freeform geometry rationalisation

* Value engineering through increased efficiency and material savings

* Automation of fabrication drawings - digital fabrication

* Construction setting out coordination

Specialist Structures

Our structural engineers specialize in complex bespoke features within facades, skylights, canopies, shopfronts or the likes. Our services include:

* Design of steel structures of skylights, roof parapets, canopies or double skin facades

* Design of lattice free-form structures

* Structural glazing design

* Post-tensioned cables and rods design

* Membrane design

Diagnostics, Remediation and Restoration

On existing buildings, we assist clients by assessing potential concerns affecting the performance or safety of the building envelope. Where required, we explore available remediation options and oversee the rehabilitation works. Our services include:

* Facade fire investigations and preventive strategies

* Cladding failure including glazing, stone, GRC, terracotta, etc.

* Internal condensation and mould as a result of air infiltration

* Energy optimisation in existing building stocks

* Restoration of heritage buildings


Our acoustic team has worked for a wide variety of clients including several high profile contractors and developers such as Laing O’Rourke, Carillion, Berkeley Homes, EMAAR, Majid Al Futtaim Properties, VOX Cinemas etc. and architects such as Fosters and Partners, Jean Nouvel, Mecanoo, Killa Design, AE7, GHD etc.

We are particularly capable at computer aided modelling for both room acoustics and environmental acoustics. Having a strong scientific background, we are also equally competent at other desktop assessments for both environmental and building acoustics, including mechanical services noise and vibration.  


Our sustainability consultants provide the following advisory services in conjunction with our modelling team:


* Full building energy modelling and net-zero advisory

* Embodied carbon, life cycle analysis and circular economy advisory

Environmental Modelling

We use our digital tools to gain a better understanding of the environmental context. We then workshop together the design of buildings and public spaces that are responsive to the environment and, as a result, more efficient, comfortable and inspiring. Our services include:

* Solar and shading studies

* Outdoor thermal comfort studies

* Facade optimisation studies

* BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) optimisation studies

* Generative design

* Energy modelling


Would you like to learn more about what Eumada can do for you?

Contact us. We are looking forward to listening to your challenges and assisting you to transform your vision into reality

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