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Future of Facades Summit at The Big Five exhibition

We are witnessing a deep transformation in almost every aspect of our lives. The way our societies and businesses are structured is changing and the facades industry is no different. The good news for the façade’s industry, and the construction industry in general, is that the world population is expected to keep growing for the next 50 years or so and the construction industry is expected to grow with it. However, we are also facing significant challenges.

In 2019, the buildings and construction sector accounted for 35% of global energy use and 38% of emissions. It has become a key sector in the fight against climate change. Increasingly stringent regulations and policies are being put forward to bring down the operational and embodied energy of buildings. The expectations on safety, health and well-being are also continuously increasing and so is the need to reduce costs in a very competitive market. Fortunately, technological advancements are helping us become more efficient at design, fabrication and installation and they are also bringing us closer and improving collaboration.

It was an honour to chair the Future of Facades Summit at The Big Five exhibition. With the guidance of industry stalwarts, we focused on 3 core themes - Innovation, Healthy building and Sustainability. A follow up discussion on the key takeaways will be held digitally on 17 November on the Big 5 online website.


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